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OXY-JET   Anti-ageing Facial​
Using pulsed pressure, pure oxygen is 'shot' into the deepest layers of the skin.  Penetrating to the muscle.  This toxin free equivalent to cosmetic injections reduces muscle contractions responsible for the formation of line in the eye area, forehead and around the mouth.  It amplifies the collagen within the skin, filling lines and wrinkles giving a smoother more youthful complexion

BEAUTY-TOX Oxygen Facial . . . £50
Proven to re-energise the face, giving a healthy radiant,brighter look and firmer feel to the skin.  New life is breathed into the skin
Salon Exclusive​
Your therapist will assess the condition of your skin and undertake face mapping.  During the consultation with you she will use a selection of 2 or 3 facials, these are either CACI, OXY-JET, Hydradermie or Dermalogica.  You will also receive a relaxing hand, arm shoulder, neck and head massage.  You will be given a selection of samples to use at home and 10% discount off any products purchased on the day.

Bourne Beauty Prescriptive Facial . . . . £65